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Perfect Match

Thomas Soria, Sr.
Thomas Soria, Sr.

By the spring of 1995, Francine was sick of Thomas senior's kinky demands and she also began to suspect he was cheating on her. To top it all off, he had turned their only child against her. As spring turned into summer she finally made up her mind. She packed up all of her belongings and filed for a divorce. It took nearly two years for the divorce to be finalized, during which time T.J. informed the court he wanted to live with his dad. In the end Francine was granted a divorce and Soria Sr. was granted full custody of their son.

Not long after his divorce from Francine was finalized, Thomas Soria Sr. met a woman we will call Guadalupe. According to later reports by The Record Courier, Soria Sr. wasted little time settling down again and the two were married after their first date. Apparently the couple was a good match, as Guadalupe never seemed to protest Thomas senior's kinky fetishes and even allowed T.J. to join them in threesomes.

Stateline, Nevada
Stateline, Nevada

Over the course of the next year, T.J. met a cute teenage girl named Tasha. The two hit it off and began dating. All well at first, however T.J. soon learned that his new girlfriend was a drug addict. In order to please her, he engaged in astonishingly risky activities so she could get her fix. On one occasion Tasha got so wasted that she agreed to sleep with the senior Soria. She later regretted what happened, but never told anyone. A few weeks later she discovered she was pregnant, but she ended up having a miscarriage. It is unknown as to who was the father of her child.

During the spring of 1998, Thomas Soria Sr. got a job working at GTECH, the security company for the California State Lottery. Everything seemed to go smoothly at first, however Thomas Soria Sr. was eventually caught making sexually abusive and threatening telephone calls to female coworkers. He was fired from his job and arrested for making annoying phone calls with a threat of injury. In June of 1998, Thomas Soria Sr. was sentenced to 75 days in jail and ordered to pay $3,800 in restitution. Through and agreement with his lawyer, Soria Sr. had his jail sentence suspended and agreed to work on a highway cleanup crew. After finishing his time, the Sorias decided to move out of town. They packed up their belongings and moved to the Lake Park Apartments in Stateline, Nevada.

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