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The Murder of Krystal Dawn Steadman

Twisted Love

In 1979, Thomas Soria settled down and married Francine Smith (a pseudonym). On August 9, 1980, Francine gave birth to a baby boy, whom they named Thomas Soria Jr., nicknamed T.J. The marriage was a happy one at first, however the couple eventually started having marital problems. According to Robert Scott's book, Like Father Like Son, Francine complained that her husband was into domination and kinky sex. He would often demand she engage in sadomasochism and sodomy.

Thomas Soria, Jr.
Thomas Soria, Jr.

By 1985, Francine was working three jobs and barely spent any time at home. It was around this time that Thomas Soria Sr. started to have a sexual relationship with their five-year-old son. According to later police reports by T.J., his father would force him to lick his armpits, testicles, penis and anus. He would then do the same to T.J., often times sodomizing him afterwards. Oddly enough, T.J. never viewed the acts as sexual abuse and felt they were his father's way of showing him how much he cared. In addition to the sexual abuse, Thomas Soria Sr. filled the child's head with lies about his mother. "Your mother does not love you," he would say. Generally following up with, "but I'll always be there for you."

When T.J. turned 15 in 1995, he began noticing girls. Before long he was dating a pretty 14-year-old girl named Carla. The two spent a lot of time together and before long they were sexually active. Thomas Soria Sr. felt threatened by the relationship and demanded T.J. let him get involved. The girl's family had little money, so Thomas Soria Sr. offered the girl money for sexual favors. Before long the three were having group sex together on a regular basis. T.J. disliked the arrangement and eventually stepped out of the picture so his dad and Carla could do what they wanted. The affair lasted a few brief months until the girl finally moved on.

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