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The Hundred Years War has been raging for more than 60 years. The Mad King Charles VI is on the throne of France.

Jeanne la Sage, last of the de Rais line, adopts Guy de Laval as her heir, provided he takes the name and coat of arms of de Rais.
1402 Jeanne la Sage renounces Guy de Rais, leaving her property instead to Catherine de Machecoul. Guy de Rais challenges the decision.

Jean dCraon, son of Catherine, brokers a marriage between his daughter Marie and Guy de Rais.

Gilles de Rais is born.



Catherine dies. Guy de Rais and his family move to Machecoul.

Rene de Rais is born.



Guy de Rais dies. 

Amaury dCraon, heir of Jean dCraon dies at Agincourt. 

Marie de Rais dies.


1416Civil war in France as the Duke of Burgundy, the Dauphin Charles VII, and others vie for the favor of Charles VI.Jean dCraon is given custody of Gilles and Rene
1417Jean dCraon arranges a marriage between 13- year- old Gilles and the orphaned daughter of Lord de Hambye.
1419Allies of Charles VII murder the Duke of Burgundy during peace negotiationsGilles de Rais is betrothed to Beatrice de Rohan, niece of the Duke of Brittany. The marriage is never completed.
1420Charles VI disinherits his son, a peace treaty with England names Henry V heir to the French throne.

Gilles de Rais kidnaps his cousin, Catherine de Thouars. 

The wife of Jean dCraon dies. He marries the grandmother of Catherine de Thouars, Anne de Sille.


1421 Gilles de Rais and Catherine de Thouars are married

Henry V of England dies.

 Charles VI dies.


1424 Gilles assumes control of his property against the wishes of his grandfather.
1426The French are defeated at St. James and Brittany once again endorses Henry VI as king of France. 
1427Jean dCraon is made Lieutenant General of Charles forces.Poitou enters the service of Gilles
1428The siege of Orleans begins. 

Jean of Arc arrives at Charles court in Chinon. 

Jean of Arc and Gilles de Rais liberate Orleans. 

Charles is crowned at Reims.


Gilles daughter, Marie, is born at Champtoce 

Gilles begins liquidating his vast holdings to pay for his extravagant lifestyle.


1431Jean of Arc is executed.The child murders begin
1432Jean d Craon dies.
1435 Gilles family moves to have his estate protected from his liquidation.
1439 Cash-poor and disgraced, Gilles begins work in alchemy and black magic.

Gilles and a band of rogues rob a church in St. Etienne. 

A secret inquest is convened. 

Gilles is arrested and charged with child murder and heresy. 

Gilles confesses.

Gilles is hanged at Nantes.

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