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Philip Markoff in custody
Philip Markoff in custody

At Markoff's Quincy apartment, investigators found a semi-automatic handgun in a hollowed-out copy of Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, as well as ammunition, duct tape and plastic zip tiesand two womens' underwear. The ties match those used to bind Brisman and Leffler, according to Suffolk County district attorney Daniel Conley. Sources say ties and duct tape found at the crime scenes match Markoff's. And Markoff seems to have kept the womens' underwear as souveneirs.

He's pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, armed robbery and kidnapping.

Investigators placed their own Craigslist ad, asking other victims to come forward. And the media is finding that an email address apparently belonging to Markoff was used in a number of sex ads on Craigslist's "Casual Encounters" section and on other websiteswith some of them attempting to meet gay men and transsexuals. It's not yet clear whether he was looking for potential robbery targets, or for sex.

There's a "Phil Markoff is Innocent Until Proven Guilty" group on Facebook, but prosecutors are piling up more damning evidence that his lawyer, John Salsberg, will have to counter.


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