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Assassination in Middle Tennessee


ABC News, 20/20 Downtown, October 30, 2000, The Last Campaign; Tennessee Senate Campaign Ends In Death.

The Associated Press

December 16, 1999, New property assessor says she's trying to clean up after Looper.

August 14, 2000, Aspiring politician on trial for murder of state senator, By Jason Strait

August 14, 2000,   Farmhand testifies defendant at scene of shooting, By Jason Strait

August 23, 2000, Closing arguments begin in Looper trial, By Jason Strait

August 23, 2000, Jury deliberations begin in Looper trial, By Jason Strait

August 23, 2000, Looper sentenced to life without parole, By Jason Strait

The Boston Globe, August 27, 2000, High Drama In Tenn. Trial Of 'Low Tax' Candidate Convicted Of Killing Incumbent, By Krista Reese

Chattanooga Times Free Press (Tennessee)

August 17, 2000, Testimony links Looper to alleged getaway car, By Jason Strait, The Associated Press

August 22, 2000,   Jury won't hear Looper witnesses; By Jason Strait, The Associated Press

August 23, 2000, Expert says tire tracks don't match Looper's

The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN), October 25, 1999,  1 Year, 5 Lawyers, But Still No Trial For Looper,  By Paula Wade

August 13, 2000, As Trial Nears, Looper's Reputation For Unusual Action Looms Large, By Bartholomew Sullivan

December 11, 2001, Looper Case A Perfect Fit Into Weirder Files Of American Justice, By Tom Walter

The Tennessean

October 17, 1999 Politician, Enigma, Murder Defendant, By Leon Alligood

April 13, 2000, Senator Remembered For Caring, Concern, By Anne Paine

August 15, 2000 Grisly Video Opens Case Against Looper, By Leon Alligood

August 22, 2000, Looper's Mess His Only Alibi Mom's Testimony Stays, 3 Thrown Out, By Leon Alligood

August 18, 2000, Prosecution Rests In Looper Trial, By Leon Alligood

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