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Colton Harris-Moore, Tale of a Teenage Outlaw

Spreading His Wings

Over a year after he was accused of stealing an airplane on Orcas Island and flying it to the mainland, Colton Harris-Moore allegedly stole another plane, a Cirrus SR22, from Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands and flew it to neighboring Orcas.

Less than a month after that, police say, the teen stole the plane from Bonners Ferry, Idaho and crash-landed it halfway across Washington State after running out of gas. Bonners Ferry calls itself "Idaho's Friendliest City," but authorities were not friendly toward Harris-Moore.

Similar Cirrus-SR22
Similar Cirrus-SR22
After his interstate joyride totaled another plane, Colton Harris-Moore became the subject of an investigation by the FBI, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and police from several counties.

On Feb. 11, 2010, a plane was stolen from Anacortes on the mainland and landed on nearby Orcas Island. This time there was minimal damage to the plane, another Cirrus SR22, which was left blocking the runway. Although the landing was different, the suspect was the same.

During this flight, police say Harris-Moore went into Canadian air space that had been shut down for the Vancouver Olympics. Because of this, and his alleged theft of cars and food while over the border, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or the "Mounties," have become involved in the hunt for the teen.

They say the Mounties "always get their man," but Colton Harris-Moore has eluded authorities on this side of the border for two years. In March 2010, the manhunt led to a very specific place on Orcas Island, where authorities believed they had their suspect cornered.

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