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Murder by the Book: William Overson

"On the Money"

Detectives impounded Derieux's truck but found no evidence to incriminate him in the murder. He denied being in the vicinity of the golf course on the day of the slaying, even though his cell phone records indicated otherwise.

Similar White Ford Ranger with Shell
Similar White Ford Ranger with Shell

On May 25, six weeks after murder, Derieux was arrested on a meth charge not directly related to the Overson case. During an interview with the suspect, Detective Tefft suggested that he may have been involved in the murderperhaps as the getaway driver. This prompted a response from the suspect that was tantalizing close to an admission of guilt.

"I'm thinking that you fellows are pretty bright," Derieux replied. "You've probably got a really good idea of what you think is going on. You might even be right on the money, you know. You might be. But right now at this point sitting here where I'm at, I've got to have an attorney."

Similar Ruger Mini-14 Rifle
Similar Ruger Mini-14 Rifle

Two weeks later, four police teams served synchronized search warrants at the North Park home of Fritz Bruce, along with three other locations he was known to frequent. Under his bed they found the remnants of the barrel and firing chamber of a .223-caliber Ruger Mini-14 rifle, a lightweight semi-automatic. The gun was of the same caliber as that used to kill Overson, and the barrel had been cut in half. On June 11, Bruce was invited into the police interview room for a chat. But when detectives mentioned the Overson homicide, he clammed up and said he wanted an attorney.

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